Love Really Hurt’s – I Call Bullsh*t

love really hurts?

Love is not harsh, nor mean spirited…
it’s not a battle to be won, nor a point to prove
it’s simplistic by it’s pure existence
those who fight the hardest battles love the most!
if your sitting next to someone who exhausts you with demands
then trust me baby, it’s not the one and if she quotes shit like
“if you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best”
run for the nearest fucking exit
that bitch is going to suck the very life from you
if he tells you he only beats you because he loves you so much he can’t control himself
or he only humps the neighbour because he’s scared you gonna leave, again run like fuck
that little vampire gonna take all he can,
and when your love, patience and kindness is spent,
he will leave you on the floor a mere fragment of who you were
it’s not no pain no gain, that’s excuses, made for people
who do not deserve your love, your time, your energy
the tenderness you show that’s met with disdain
tells you it’s time to leave this plane
save you love for one who knows how precious your love is
by all means fuck the rest
but save your mind and your soul
until you find one deserving…

love don’t hurt people
people hurt love….

there’ enough crazymakers and brainfuckers out there to meet the demand

don’t become one to prove a point

Written by Germacide (socialflutterby)

About SocialFlutterBy

My space for writing, ranting and sometimes recanting
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