This last month –

Not too long ago I decided to take part in the Race For Life Pretty Muddy 5K in Glasgow, considering how out of shape I have become due to my love of all things food it really was quite the challenge, in fact I was shattered doing the warm up but all in all it was great fun, an amazing bunch of ladies and my girls there to cheer me on it was over in no time – can’t wait for next year (I plan to be better prepared) … also raised a grand total of £240 for Cancer Research


Skip head a couple of weeks and we are back at The Hydro in Glasgow for Elton John, I have loved his music for many years now, i wonder if we will have the privilege again….I was fairly sue=re he hinted at taking it a little easier to spend time with hi kids …well who can blame him really.


We managed to bag some really nice weather earlier in the month which is always a blessing during the summer holidays, so we have had plenty of fun exploring Glasgow’s parks


Last week has to top it all off though, did I mention I am a huge music fan?  well we managed to see both Neil Diamond and Fleetwood Mac in the one week and despite the fact that Stevie Nicks is a grade A crackpot!! it was more than I could have imagined it could be the only one to give them a run for their money would be Prince!!!

It’s been an amazing month and I doubt there are many more that could top it in the entertainment category but I very much look forward to trying.

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