The Invisible Man

Go into town
what do you see?
shoppers rushing by
thoughts of dinner
and Friday nights wear
no time to stop
no change to spare
must hurry you see
there’s a sale down there

Mother’s rushing children
don’t stare they say
for fear he will speak
and they might have to see
Office workers lunching
groups of girls
no time to stop
no change to spare

Stallholders holler
and the police come running
move along mister
your in the way
these good people here
don’t need to see you
cup in hand,
begging all day

The invisible man
he smells you see
he has no where to bathe
his clothes are dirty
they don’t fit his shape
he found them you see
in a bin, in a lane
where was it again

curled up in a doorway
silently the man cries
he cries for himself
he cries for you
Cup in hand
begging all day
how cruel life can be
when people don’t see.

It’s raining hard now
and folk scurry for shelter
Umbrellas shoot up
he would head to the shopping centre
where it’s warm and dry,
but he’s not welcome there
he’s not the right kinda guy
he would head for one of the many cafe’s
but they don’t want him there
he has no change to spare
so he curls up tighter in his open doorway
and wonders about life
and how a man should live
should it be like this
to the end
a man alone
without a friend

(inspired by a man in a doorway in Glasgow City Centre on a right shitty day, George is his name, he is smart and he is funny, he deserves more, if you see a guy in a doorway it won’t kill you to say hello)



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