Sometimes Social Media Sucks

Ahm no a racist….. but!

Ahm no Isalamophobic ….. but!

Ahm no sayn they’re aw the same…..but!!
does it sound familiar?
can you hear that voice?
hearing about people being shot down, eliminated for no reason at all
it’s scary shit… no doubt there!
as i’m sat scrolling through facebook, online news articles, twitter etc!
I’m seeing anger, bitterness, hatred and small mindedness at level’s that frankly scares me.
What makes young men and women pick up a gun?
Could it be …. Anger, Bitterness, Hatred and Small Mindedness?
There’s a disturbing irony, the very emotions that led to such horrific attacks on humanity, are the very emotion’s that people who are so set against such acts being committed in the first place are freely spouting on every and any article they can find!
Someone told me … we as a nation need to stop being to huggy kissy, we need to toughen up!
I raked my brain for quite some time over this and in the end I couldn’t find a single atrocity that resulted from a hug or a kiss!
so no!
we need to be more loving, more caring and more willing to reach out and lend a hand…because from where I am sitting right now humanity needs less bitterness and hatred and people certainly need to stop being so willing to ostracise entire communities, races and religions.
Attacks on humanity appear in many form’s and it isn’t always a bullet or a bomb!

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